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Industrial Fossil Fuel Use Drives Climate Chaos | EcoWatch

Increasing global emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), a heat-trapping gas, are pushing the world into dangerous territory, closing the window of time to avert the worst consequences of higher temperatures, such as melting ice and rising seas. Since the dawn … Continue reading

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Train, Plane or Who Cares?: Carbon Footprints and Climate Cynicism | Counterpunch

Over the course of the past year I have flown from the Oakland to Seattle numerous times. On those trips I have always considered AmTrak‚Äôs Coast Starlight service as an option. The trip via tracks connecting Oakland to Seattle goes … Continue reading

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Climate talks: China calls on developing countries to ‘step up’ | The Guardian

Developing countries must step up with concrete plans to cut carbon emissions to break the deadlock in beleaguered UN climate talks, China’s top climate change official has told the Guardian. With four weeks to go until the next round of … Continue reading

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